Our Global Approach

AlphaDelta Offers a New Model

When AlphaDelta was launched, we recognized the Canadian investment landscape needed to change. AlphaDelta introduced a new, unique model.

Our innovative approach guides our structure, our mission, vision and values. Our team of extremely talented and experienced industry professionals brings together a unique skillset, but together we have a shared commitment to innovation.

We do this well

We can deliver across Canada, North America and globally

We are not married to a single asset group. We can work with Mutual Funds, Private Equity (PE), Venture Capital (VC) and hedge funds

Comprehensive Products

The industry needs new products, new services, better innovation, and most importantly, new methods of delivery.

In Canada, we’re a unique diversified fintech group for financial products, including:

  • Mutual Funds
  • Separately Managed Accounts (SMA)
  • Exchange-Traded Funds
  • Offering Memorandum
  • Institutional Accounts

AlphaDelta is Actually Active®

AlphaDelta is Actually Active®, managed by actual humans. AlphaDelta portfolio managers maintain consistently high Active Share®
Active Share® is a metric showing how much of a fund’s composition deviates from its comparative benchmark. To beat the benchmark, you must be different than the benchmark. An actively-managed fund is an essential part of a properly diversified portfolio.

When you pay active management fees, you deserve active management. Our trading decisions are made by real investment managers, not computer algorithms.

Growing Attention

We have won the respect of the industry and our peers.

Investors and organizations all over the globe are paying attention and investing in us.

Speak to us about our long-term trajectory.